Little Masonic Library Edited By Carl H. Claudy, Now in paperback!


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New! Now available in a 5 volume paperback edition at a great price. This is one of most ordered book sets for Masons of every level. Edited by Carl H. Claudy, this a completely indexed set of five volumes. For the Mason desirous of improving his education in the Craft, no finer combination of books on Masonic subjects is available. Volume 1: Anderson's Constitutions of 1723; Landmarks of Freemasonry, Masonic Jurisprudence. Volume 2: The Comacines, Modern Masonry, Morgan Affair and Anti-masonry, What Really Happened to William Morgan, Mormonism and Freemasonry. Volume 3: York and Scottish Rites of Masonry, Masonry and the Flag, Freemasonry and the American Revolution, Great Light in Masonry. Volume 4: Great American Masons, Degrees and Great Symbols, Ethics of Freemasonry, A Master's Wages. Volume 5: Masonry and Americanism, The meaning of Masonry, The Old Past Master, Masonic Poems