"The 5 Minute Ritualist"


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"The 5 Minute Ritualist" is written for an English audience but is directly applicable to Freemasons in America. It is a scientifically founded, flexible, time and labor saving method for memorizing Masonic Ritual using short, regular, highly focused learning sessions. It offers a friendly, helping hand right across the Masonic age and experience spectrum - particularly so for inexperienced members of the Craft, aspiring WMs and Brethren living with declining memory challenges. This 'working tool' based system is very easy to use; can be applied to any form of Masonic Ritual; caters to 'Local Workings' variations and includes a combined 'rehearsal and prompting' tool that can safely be used anytime, anyplace, anywhere because only a Freemason can make any sense of it.

Kim March