A Guide to Modern Freemasonry


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From Robert Burtt, author of "A Pennsylvania Freemason's Handbook" comes a new work offering ease in understanding an ancient fraternity, for all: A Guide to Modern Freemasonry. In the author's own words:
"Ever since the Fraternity made its modern public appearance in 1717, printing presses have produced a torrent of writings dealing with every imaginable aspect of this group. The current state of affairs illustrates my excuse, if you will, for writing this short work. There is too much information about Freemasonry in print. All of this overload just makes a confusing and complex subject even more perplexing for the interested reader. What is needed is a short, easily understood overview of the fascinating world of the Freemasons. It is my belief that many casual laypersons who wish to learn a little about Freemasonry want just that: to learn a little about the Craft. They don’t want to embark upon an extensive investigation involving hundreds of pages. They simply want a quick overview of the Fraternity and perhaps get the answers to a few basic questions. After satisfying their curiosity, they wish to move on. It is with this audience in mind that I have decided to pen this little work. The title is meant to be literal. This is a simple, short introduction to a very complex phenomenon. The book closes with a meditation on the ultimate purpose of Freemasonry and its value, both to the individual, and to society as a whole. Other books and areas of research are recommended for the casual reader who might want to explore "The Brotherhood" further." Paperback, 154 pages.